February 26, 2016


When a difference of 1% interest Saves You $29,000 on a $160,000 mortgage over 25 years, you better make sure someone is shopping for the best rate – that someone is Darryl Shartau of Westcor Mortgages!

Calgary mortgage broker

Darryl Shartau has helped his clients to SAVE THOUSANDS of dollars and eliminate the hassles of finding the best Calgary mortgage rate (Click for more Info)

Darryl specializes in the best Calgary mortgage rates for the Self-Employed and offers competitive mortgage rates in Alberta for 2nd Homes, 100% financing, revenue or vacation property. As an Accredited Mortgage Professional, Darryl is a member in good standing in the Calgary mortgage community and will listen to your needs and provide you and your family the highest level of service in a courteous and ethical manner while providing the best Calgary mortgage rate for your unique requirements.

Our Self-Employed mortgage options allow you to borrow up to 90% of the appraised value of your home without having to provide financial statements, tax returns or income verification. Darryl is a Calgary mortgage associate who will thoroughly explain all of your Self-Employed mortgage options.

Vacation Property
Thinking about a Resort or Vacation property? As an agent for Calgary mortgage broker, Westcor Mortgages, Darryl provides specialty mortgage rates that will save you thousands of dollars.

Second Home
Need a Calgary mortgage for a 2nd Home for you or your relatives? Calgary mortgage associate, Darryl Shartau offers the New CMHC Homeowner Mortgage Loan for 2nd homes.



Featured Blog Post from www.welcomehomeabq.com with good information for those seeking a mortgage loan. In their video it is explained why sometimes online tools that try to estimate home values are not always reliable to get a good idea of your homes value. This is especially true when trying to get a 2nd mortgage loan. View the Post Here.

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